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Sa 11 Oktober 2014

I have a new design for diekershoff.net on my harddisk from each year since ‘10 or so. Mostly it’s just playing around with HTML and cool ideas that loose their coolness after some days… But this time for real, I will relaunch the page for real—using pelican for “content management” and page generation.

Pelican is a static site generator powered by python, which is exactly the thing I need. Till now my static site generator was a HTML template file I filled with content by vim. Now I will use vim to write markdown files. These will then be combined with the theme files by pelican to build the webpage. So in case I want to play around again and change the entire layout, I just need to create a new template and make htmlagain.

In theory that is. Now I just need to create a theme for pelican, most likely adjusting an existing one and get the content over to markdown files.

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