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Mo 22 Dezember 2014

After gathering some more ideas about how the page should look and me settling agin for something unfancy but hopefully functional. It will emplay bootstrap, just to get this page into the mobile friendly age. The overall layout inspired by a theme by Bootply combined with the Sandstone color schema by bootswatch.

Once the overall design was settled down, all that was left was to put it into blocks of Jinja templates and tell pelican to use the new theme. Within a couple of minutes the index page was done and some hours after that the blogging aspect of the new design was done as well. \o/ I had feard for more complications and me throwing the plan out of the window again… But the opposite is the case. Pelican being based on python feels comfortable and is well documented. The missing pieces in the documentation (or me being to lazy to look it up) fills in logically from my python knowledge. Like

{% for month, articles in date_year|groupby('date.month')|reverse %}

for getting the blog archives in reversed order. Where the other pelican themes I tried (and I did not try all of them) had the oldest entries first on the archive page. Once it is done, the theme will most likeley fond it’s way into my bitbucket.

So basically there is only the “static” content left to migrate from HTML files to markdown and link it properly into pelicans directory structure. Hopefully I’ll find the time over the holiday s to convert it—best in a link preserving way—but I’m not yet sure how and which content will be preserved at all.

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