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Do 25 Dezember 2014

Skimming through the plugins for pelican[ref]http://getpelican.com[/ref] I’ve decided for the following list of things that sound useful from their addon directory at github:

  • optimize_images
  • pelican_youtube and pelican_vimeo
  • simple_footnotes
  • sitemap
  • render_math.

Which summs up all the tools I can currently think of that I need to write content for this page. The last is the most obvious one, isn’t it? Something like $$\frac{R_{BLR}}{10\text{lt~days}} = (2.23{\pm}0.21)\left(\frac{{\lambda}L_{\lambda}(5100Å)}{10^{44}\text{ergs}~s^{-1}}\right)^{0.69{\pm}0.05}$$ just needs a propper way to be displayed. I mean LaTeX and MathJax are just cool and a must have. Though I have to admit, that the other five plugins are just as obvious…

Furthermore I have activated the Typgogrify functionality of pelican, which is just as cool as the above.

The other thing, I will most likely employ further, with this relaunch is stuff by the IndiWebCamp. Not shure yet how far it will go, but for now I included a hcard, have prepared for IndieAuth and might opt for the webmentions as well. I like those ideas.

Cherry picking time :-)

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