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Fr 09 Januar 2015

Yesterday was the first bi-weekly fellowship meeting of FSFE in Berlin in 2015, Tuesday the 32nd Netpolitical Evening of the Digitale Gesellschaft. Both somewhat after-show party for 31c3 and kickoff 2015, both with interesting talks. Just a short resume…

The talks from Tuesday are online. I think the 2nd is worth watching. The speaker had actually something to say about Colonial Remnants in Pakistan, the Tribal Area’s of Pakistan and the Conflict Within. Enlightening the situation in the border region towards Afghanistan and the results of the Global war on terror a bit. The talk about the slowness of European politics on the example of Mass law suits in Germany and an eventual end of those was, at least for me, just a bit too… narcotic—although the topic in itself is interesting. And if true a nice success for DigiGes.

Thursday evening then we got a short introduction to the new campaign of the FIfF they launched only last years November at their congress in Berlin: cyberpeace. It’s an attempt to get together different campaigners, techies and peace activists, as most of the current problems seem to involve both aspects, but the specialists of both don’t know nothing about the other aspect. To come up with an alternative draft to the spiral of cyberwar that seems so popular in western politics these days. As the campaign is still fresh, no solutions, but they look for input at their wiki (in a hidden section as far as I could find, hence no link here :-P ).

A vivid discussion emerged about, how far this as anything to do with FLOSS at all? and what everyone of us. Does a FLOSS world helps at all in this situation? Should be throw away our digital live? Can we close Pandoras box again or was Orwell just a bit too optimistic? Fun evening but a bit too long discussion for my taste, not even Kolle mate could keep me awake enough. There is a more detailed blog entry by the speaker (majestyx).

I was really glad to hear that the FSFE assembly at 31c3 was a huge success and fun for everyone involved. I had initially planned for helping there, but then 2014 was so totally screwed up that I opted for peace between the years instead.

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