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Do 15 Januar 2015

I’ve added two new color presets to the clean theme for friendica. The new Lime and Orange and Shades of Pink are now selectable in the theme settings alongside Midnight, Bootstrap, GeoCities Retro and the default preset.

shades of pink

lime and orange

How to install the theme

  1. download the files for the theme from my bitbucket repository bitbucket.org/tobiasd/clean
  2. put them into your friendica installation tree into a directory called clean

  3. go to your admin panel and activate the theme

Instead of downloading the themes compressed archive you can also clone the mercurial repository directly:

    hg clone ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/tobiasd/clean /path/to/your/friendica/view/theme/clean


If you like to contribute a new preset or generally anhance the theme, please feel free to either make pull requests at bitbucket or send me the changes directly via email.

Or just point out things that I have overlooked or you think which should be better. The theme is always work in progress and as I am not a designer by trade I’m always open for suggestions leading to improvements of the theme.

theme last update

november 2017


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