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So 04 Januar 2015

For some reason, some people dislike BBCode, which is inatively used by friendica, but prefere Markdown which is a more limited markdown language that is use by e.g. Diaspora or github[ref]or in fact me right now writing this posting…[/ref].

For all morkdown enthusiast out there, I’ve written a small addon that is in my bitbucket for now. Once it got some testing, I will add it to the projects addon repository though.

If you want to try it, please do. Just download the zip archive with the latest code from bitbucket and extract it into a directory called ”markdown” below the addon directory of your friendica installation. The file structure should then look like

      markdown.php  README.md 

After that just activate it like any other addon you use. And feel free to let me know of any glitches and incompatibilities during the paring. I have it activated at home for testing, and so far it works.

Note, once you send your posting to friendica, it will be converted to BBCodeode for storage. Meaning if you edit the posting afterwards, you will have it in BBCode.

Have fun!

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