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Sa 14 Februar 2015

I love Free Software! I wish you all a happy I ❤ Free Software day; thanks for all the hard work for anybody who is contributing to the FLOSS micro-cosmos, making it a better place. Thank you for writing code, doing translations, reporting and fixing bugs and have some helping advise for new users.

In particular I’d like to thank all the people working on tools making my daily communication with people all around the world possible with a grain of privacy to enjoy. Thank you Hiroyuki Yamamoto for your wonderful Sylpheed and Werner Koch for GnuPG.

Thank you Evan Prodromou for good old Laconica getting me hooked on the idea of decentralized social networks in the first place and Mike Macgirvin for Mistpark providing a real federated platform. And thanks to all of your hard work to improve friendica Benow, Fabio, Hauke, Michael, Silke, Thomas and all the other contributors I’ve missed ;-)

And last but not least, thanks to the Mer project, the sailors of Jolla, the wonderful community around them and the f-droid project, providing alternatives to proprietary apps running on the small computer in my pocket.


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