Upgrading from Wheezy to Jessie

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Mo 23 Februar 2015

I ran out of disk space on one of my Linux boxes recently and, just for playing around and doing it, I decided to put in the new disk space as btrfs RAID1. Too minimize the problems on the real thing I started on a VirtualBox fresh installed Debian Wheezy with two virtual harddisks following the description by Daniel Pocock. 1st thing I noticed was, the kernel shipping with Wheezy[ref]That would be 3.2 from the Debian 7.7 install image[/ref] was too old for doing btrfs balancing. So it became new harddisk setuo and upgrade from Wheezy to Jessie in one go. But after the upgrade to Jessie and installing the latest available kernel, following the descriptions went smoothly. Lets see how it will turn out in the future.

Now upgrading from Wheezy to Jessie also brings some incompatibilities in components like… the Apache webserver. I knew before and had bookmarked Apache webserver from 2.2 to 2.4, but it cost me 2h to adopt my old rules to the new anyway. Having the compatibility module active did sadly not help. It might be nice to get multible lines in the config file combined into one - but it’s a hazzle to find all

Order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from 192.168.0.*

occurrences and replace them by a fitting


rule just to be stuck in the end with an extra

AllowOverwrite None

line in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf.

A surprise was, that running the ipdetect.sh script[ref]yepp it’s a dynamic dns setting we have at this box[/ref] refused to work with the following complain:

grep: character class syntax is [[:space:]], not [:space:]

Right. After a little search I found this blog entry by Tigr which got me on the right track. Line 58 of the ipdetect.sh script needs to be


and the script seems to be running fine again.

These little things are really fun… I’ll keep an eye open for them and eventually update this posting when I find something interesting.

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