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Mo 11 Mai 2015

I was looking for a note taking application for the Jolla the other day, but did not really find anything fitting my needs. Like formatting the texts, include images in the notes, interlinking notes… you know what I mean.

Finally the realization dawned that thing is a Linux computer, just use it so instead of looking for an app that fits my needs I started to look for a standalone wiki software at the Wikimatrix and ended up with MoinMoin.

MoinMoin is a wiki engine written in python and python is shipped with the SailfishOS running on the Jolla. So all that is to do is installing MoinMoin on the phone and run the script.

And it really was that simple. Download the zip file with the current stable MoinMoin release and extract it (I put it on the SD card of the phone, plugged in the desktop computer for setup). Then I’ve put memodump (a bootstrap based responsive theme) into the correct places of the package tree and the installation is ready.

There is a program in the Warehouse called ShellEx which can be used to execute commands on the shell from an app. So I’ve put in the command

cd /media/sdcard/<some numbver here>/moinmoin && python2 ./wikiserver.py

to start the wiki. It is now listening at localhost:8080 by default which needs to be accessed with the browser. For easy access I’ve put a bookmark for the URL and placed it as a starter in the application overview.

Done note taking application ready for usage.

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