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Sa 06 Juni 2015

This is going to be just another recipe for cold-brew coffee (just fire up your fav search engine there is a billion and one recipe out there). It took me almost 2 years of experimentation to get the recipe right for me so don’t give up after the 1st brew does not taste.

Most experimentation is needed for the non-coffee incredients to meet your taste. I’ve tried cocoa, chokolate fix, salt and sugar; settling with brown sugar as flavour enhancer.

What you need for brewing

  • a french press coffee machine (mine takes 900ml water)
  • cold water
  • grinded coffee
  • brown sugar
  • some 24h time, at least 12h

I settled down with a pre-grinded coffee from the local supermarked, which alone is a reason for holy wars… You need to experiment a bit, but don’t let the taste of hot-brewed coffee guide your decision. Cold brew coffee is sweater then it’s hot brother due the lower acidity and has a totally different flavour.

Same rule applies for the flavour enhancers. You need to test it for yourself. One teaspoon more or less makes a totally different taste.

What to do

Take your french press and fill it to a 3rd with water. Put 5 lot (approx 30g) grinded coffee into the machine and add 4 teaspoons of sugar. Stirr the water until the coffee and sugar are compleately diffused. Then fill the rest of the french press with water and place some cling film over the opening.

Wait for 24 hours and let the brew rest at room temperature. Give or thake some hours depending on your need for cold coffee.

Press the coffee and fill the sirup in a jug. Best use an extra filter when refilling the sirup to get some escaped grinds of coffee out of it. The sirup is ready to server, though I like it cooled down a bit more. If you put the jug into the fringe, apply cling film again to avoid contamination of the taste.

Savouring the Coffee

Serving the sirup is easy. Either put it into a glass with some vanilla ice cream or ice cubes, of if you are more the milk person like I am, add milk to it. I usually do so, taking same parts of milk and sirup leading to a total of 1.8l cold coffee to enjoy.

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