Fantasy Filmfest 2015

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Mo 10 August 2015

Summer in the city. The asphalt boils with 40°C and above, the cinema offers a cooled down place and the Fantasy Filmfest nice content to do so. Eventhough I condensed the festival down to a weekend for myself with 4 screenings and turned it thus into a short film festival. The official one Get Shorty, the Extraordinary Tales and the Tale of Tales accompanied by the only non-short Possesed.

Get Shorty

Seven films about strong women or women with big problems were announced. Seven rather long films for a short film collection but a nice collection nevertheless.

And seven from which I only really disliked one, because the end was too obvious. Maybe young parents would disagree with this, but for me it was just another story about the problems one has to deal with the firstborn.

From the other six, I liked Sol Friedman Day 40 (IMDB)—a wonderful animated take on gods flood and Noas ark, Óscar desafinado by Mikel Alvariño (IMDB)—a nicely woven ghost story of nerds and love—and Michael Binz’ Herman the German (IMDB)—if you ever wanted to know how we Germans tick, don’t take this film too serious—best. Rabbit 105 by Sebastián Rotstein (IMDB) was nicely made, putting you in this awful situation, great shocking moments but the end was somehow not so shocking. Ben Astons He took his skin of for me (IMDB) deals with a grotesque situation, and the resentments arising when you are different. Andrei Creţulescus Ramona (IMDB) is a piece of art, but I don’t really like revenge movie so it did not made in into my Top3.

Tale of Tales

The Tale of Tale by Matteo Garrone (IMDB) classic fantasy film which interweaves three stories about nighbouring late medivial kingdoms. Three stories about love and romance; about queens and kings; princes and princesses, about monsters and fleas—and about the prices one has to pay for the fullfillment of ones yearnings. By no means fairy-tales and not neccessary suited for all audience (youtube even has an age check for the trailer…) but a wonderful story told by a marvelous story teller.

Extraordinary Tales

Five of the tales by Edgar Allen Poe told together in the Extraordinary Tales by Raul Garcia (IMDB). Each of the tales animated in a different style embedded in the last dialogue between Poe and Death herself. Lovely made.


Possessed by Samuel Ortí Mart (IMDB) is a hillariously funny stop-motion film. He took all the Exorcism / Posession masterpieces, packed them together in a giant mountain of modeling clay and created a masterpiece on its own dancing on the shoulders of its predecessors and leaving the autience laughing several times in the cinema.

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