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Mo 24 August 2015

Over the last weekend ~friendica had a user and developer meeting in Zwenkau in the vicinity of Leipzig. Traveling with Deutsche Bahn, I expected me beeing the one telling the horror stories of the travel at the come-together at the roof-top of Kap Zwenkau, but no. Others had much more trouble, I only had no ticket collector for most of the route. Or none visible after leaving Brandenburg. And indeed I was the 2nd after Michael and Sam to arrive in Zwenkau.

Zwenkau harbour view from the roof-top at Kap Zwenkau

Due some misunderstanding on my side about camping at the lakeside and some stress IRL I’ve got a stay at the the Pension am Wasserturm a lovely guest house about one kilometer away from Kap Zwenkau and the harbour. Run by nice people and a great spot to stay some days.

location of the hackcenter at Lake Zwenkau

Image Credits: Oliver

Also very nice was the place Andreas picked for us. Right at the lakeside of Lake Zwenkau. With everything one needs to enjoy a sunny weekend. Wireles tubes fromt he internets, lots of non-alcoholic stuff to drink and a tent to offer some shelter from the sun.

Sitting together, making plans for world domination. Excanging use cases of friendica and the red#matrix / hubzilla or just enjoying the time together with long known dogs and people behind the avatars from the network stream. Some new faces were there as well; Andreas Sallam and Markus Kollotzek from the green net project were there presenting their project.

Wonderful weekend all together, but too short for all the talking, coding and debugging.

making plans for world domination

Thaks Andreas and a big thank you to all the helpers you had making this meetup possible!

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