CardDAV and CalDAV setup for SailfishOS

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Mo 27 Juni 2016

I recently switched my LAN server to be hosted on a RasPi 2B, over the move I obviously needed to change the CalDAV / CardDAV settings on my Jolla. But instead of just changing the settings in SyncEcolution, the sync client I used so far, I went to checkout the current situation with the SailfishOS system tools.

As CalDAV/CardDAV server I use the radicale server. A small python program, which I use to sync contacts and calendars from the Jolla with my desktop. It is a multi-user capable server, you need to authentificate against with username and password. You can also serve more then just one CardDAV and CalDAV collection, but for simplicity I just use one for each default.ics and default.vcf.

So, head over to the settings of the Jolla. Scroll down to accounts and select CalDAV and CardDAV at the bottom of the list. The upcoming dialog is straight forward, but I had two pitfalls that took me some time to figure out.

Sailfish OS account settings Enter CalDAV credentials in Sailfish OS Account manager

  1. The server address field needs a protocol prefixed. As I’m only serving the data to the LAN, I use only HTTP, but you can setup TLS and use HTTPS easily.
  2. The path to the CalDAV and CardDAV file need the /yourname/ part in it. I had first assumed it would be put in automatically, but I was wrong there.

The other settings are similar obvious;

  • yourname is what ever user name you configured, as is your password
  • serveraddress is what ever IP address your server has plus the port it is listening to, or if it has a qualified URL use that.

And that is is. Just works for me, almost out of the box.

Set up a synchronization interval, or do it manually. Any have fun :-)

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