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So 23 Juli 2017

Last week we finally finished watching The Expanse (IMDB). It took us a while, as we were watching it on a bi-weekly basis and one episode at a time.

I liked the show for various reasons. One is, it is nicely done hard science fiction in a realistic setting. It might be just the point, that I do not remember hearing a BOOM when a ship exploded and that they managed to transport the feeling that space, even our own Solar system is a vastly big place.

Another one is, that it has many similarities to Eclipse Phase, a role playing game I enjoy to play in the evenings. But Eclipse Phase is also exploring Transhumanity which is something The Expanse did not. Except for the different adoptions of the human body for generations of Belters born, raised and lived in surrounding with low gravity.

Also most of the characters were nicely done with in depth motivation. Only that Holden guy was a bit colour less, but I was told that he is not in the books. So I’m looking forward to read Leviatan Wakes to check that out.

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