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Mi 10 Januar 2018

Already mid-January. Time flies after the congress as it did at the congress. But I think I finally arrived back in CET from the alternate timeline of the congress. The 34th Chaos Communications Congress (34c3 for short) this year at a new location at Messe Leipzig. That means almost 10 years congress for me, from Berlin Congress Center, over Hamburg Congress Center now Messe Leipzig. From 2000 to 15000, or something like that. What a growth. Thanks for everyone who make the congress, especially at this size, possible - kudos to all the celestial beings!

The new location meant for one thing more space. Which was needed to get the growing number of visitors from all over the Galaxy into the congress rooms. The two main stages now support an audience that once fit into the entire congress center in Berlin. An still rooms need to be closed by heavenly beings because they are getting too crowded.

It also means a clear day-night-rhythm. Once congress was 96 hours in a row in which one could avoid sunlight. Perfect conditions for the children of the night. Now there is bright sunlight, warming up the place below the glass domes.

The rockets space port in the main hall behind the entry

During the nights the halls went through a metamorphosis. Strange woods appeared. Light shows illuminating these woods, the space port and the utility gangways. And music of all kinds filled the air till the late next morning when another metamorphosis took place back to the cleaned version of the congress for day visitors.

In retrospect the new location feels strange but works. 34c3 felt like a beta like a beta run, which was kind of nice—it was also nice to see the Angel system still being so well working that 34c3 worked out fine. I think it is a good choice.

illuminated woods at night

As last year I was there with a bunch of people of the FSFE helping at the booth. Many nice conversations about all kinds of topics. Mostly about the work of the FSFE, the Free your Android and Public Money? Public Code! campaigns in particular. Also most of the talks I attended at this years congress were held at the stage of the Rights and Freedom cluster, which the FSFE assembly was part of. Including my own lightning talk about Social Networking powered by Free Software, which is an overview of the Fediverse/Federation without entering deeper into the features of a certain project. Sadly I cannot point you to any recordings, as they were done off the grid. Actually some got recorded by the projects but I don’t have any links to them.

I’ve also attended some of the mainstream events listed in the Fahrplan, but I wont recommend any to you either. Just because the tastes are different, all are interesting for their audience and you can find them all at media.ccc.de/34c3. Which is also the reason why I did not attend more at Leipzig live ;-)

And finally La Quadrature du Net had set up some poster walls at different locations at congress I want to point out, not commented just as a piece of inspiration for some thoughts.

poster wall by LQDN

So coming back to the motto of the 34c3. Do something to make the world a better place for all of us human beings. Regardless of how big or small it is!

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