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Mo 26 Februar 2018

After the sudden half season break now the sudden end of the 1st season two weeks ago. I mean 15 episodes is not a complete season for me. And yes, I know that TOS had the same amount of episodes per season. But I’m a child of TNG, DS9 and VOY. And this 1st season feels only done for two thirds of the total book. I don’t really like book ripped apart having the last third missing.

Back to Discovery. It might even be a good stand alone TV show. But it is not. Not stand alone. It is a sequel to a prequel, placed just before the original, that was followed by three more sequels and numerous movies. And as such an embedded show, for me it fails by breaking to much of the canon established by the shows and movies before.

Maybe it would have worked out, if Discovery was put after DS9 and VOY. Though I’m sceptical, because aside of that first flaw, it is also just another story of desperate war. And while there were desperate acts before, usually they were followed by consequences. Not this time. And it is just another dystopia. Nothing utopian here. And I think especially now, we need good told utopias.

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