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Mi 14 Februar 2018
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The 2018 edition of the I love Free Software day. And yes I still love Free Software. Maybe even more so after last year had some “funny” revelations like the PC Wahl fiasco in Germany. Just one reason more to support the FSFE campaign Public Money? Puclic Code! to get public money invested in public code.

But back to the I love Free Software day. I’ve long thought about what my most loved project was during the last year. The easy answer would have been Friendica, Hubzilla and the other projects (Diaspora, GNU social, Mastodon, postActiv, Pleroma, SocialHome and those I forget) forming the Federation / Fediverse of decentralised FLOSS social networking nodes. I do love them. Hence I advocate them over those other well know silos. But that would be too easy ;-) After some nights of mulling it over, I found two projects.

One that I got to love over the last year or so, for making my daily usage of the command line more pleasant and comfortable. That is the friendly interactive shell. I discovered roughly one year ago, and by now it is the default shell on the systems I’m using.

And the other one is a game I’m coming back to since the days I was using my dads EuroPC (at least I think it was the EuroPC). Every once in a while I get drawn back into the infinite expanse of the open space universe of, then Elite, now OOlite. It is interestingly enjoyable to spend an hour or so in every iteration, just to get the landing procedure again and not crash your space ship while docking at the local systems space port.

Have a nice Valentines Day everybody and thank you very much for all the work you are putting into Free Software projects. Independent of how big or small your contribution is. Independent of what your way to contribute is, user, bug reporter, documentation writer, translation specialist, coder.

Feel loved <3

I love FreeSoftware

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