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Fr 11 Mai 2018

Yes… second backyard, take the left stairways.

on my way to the 2nd backyard, left stairways

To be honest, I was a bit early yesterday morning for the OpenTechSummit and later they put out signs for people to find the venue. But we wanted to set up the booth for the FSFE, so we got there a bit before.

After the booth was set up, a wonderful series of interesting talks followed. Among other things introductions to Toplab and the Pocket Lab, citizen science projects and how the are deployed in the field. The Open Culture Agency, a FLOSS expert system (susi.ai) and knowledge/research networks (Memex/worldbrain. Up to the end-to-end encryption in Nextcloud.

All really interesting talks with enough room for discussion and questions afterwards and small breaks to talk, drink and eat. A wonderful way to spend a holiday and escape the drunken crowed outside, that is tradition for that day.

But, all in all there where maybe 30 people who found the way into the 3rd floor in the 2nd backyard (left stairways) in Kreuzberg. Sadly. OTS of the last years was always a great experience with booth’, talks and workshops under one roof to wander around, meet interesting things. Not too big and not too small. But always a “crowd” of interested people roaming the venue. The concept OTS tried this year was different. A festival over an entire week, everyday some event at different locations, spread over Berlin and Potsdam. And maybe the weather was a bit too good to bring more people to the OTS venue. But Ascension Thursday tends to have good weather conditions.

Nevertheless, a wonderful day. Thanks to the organisers and the speakers!

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