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Fr 27 Juli 2018

The other day we had a meeting of the local fellowship group of the FSFE in solidarity with the Zwiebelfreunde e.V.. The Zwiebelfreunde office and the appartments of some of the members was raided by the police earlier this month because… well I don’t know exactly:

The brief summary is that a German left-wing blog “Krawalltouristen” (ruckus tourists) called for protest actions around the right-wing AfD party convening in Augsburg, Germany. Law enforcement argues that this includes calls for violence.

The German police were interested in finding the authors of said blog, and deemed it appropriate to not ask for information or go after the email provider the blog happened to be using, riseup.net, but after the German entity Zwiebelfreunde.

Zwiebelfreunde has a partnership with Riseup Labs, a US non-profit, and manages donations via European wire transfers for the Riseup collective. We spend the money in collaboration with the collective on software development, travel reimbursements, and for Riseup’s Tor infrastructure.

Anyhow. We got together, some faces showed up, that I had not seen in a long while at the meetups. Some new faces showed up as well, interested in the story of that incident and Tor in general, how it can help leaving less traces online and why normal people like we are might want to use it.. For them I had prepared a little talk with some presentation in the end.

Anonymity Matters - Cover Slide.

You can find the slides of that talk in my talks repository at the gitea instance of the FSFE. For some reason the last step in the presentation/HowTo in the end did not work yesterday evening. When I booted the exact same VM up this morning it worked fine :-) m) so lets call it demonstration effekt.

Thanks for everybody joining us! And thanks for the nice evening :-)

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