Software Freedom Day in Berlin

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Fr 07 September 2018

Next Saturday, September 15th is Software Freedom Day to celebrate Free Software.

FLOSS Community Meetup in Berlin

In Berlin we are organizing a meetup for the FLOSS Community at the youth club elok near Ostkreuz station. Opening of the event is at 14 o’clock with a seminar program starting at around 15 o’clock with various talks about Free Software. Should you happen to be around and be interested in FLOSS, feel invited.

Preview: My Talk about Asciidoc(tor)

My talk will be an introduction to AsciiDoctor as an alternative to Word, Libre Office Writer, LaTeX and Markdown. I have been using Asciidoctor now for, something around a year or so for most of my personal writings done at the computer moving away from LaTeX more and more. It is a really nice markup language for text.

The cover image of my talk
Figure 1. The cover image of my talk

It is an experiment. The entire talk, slides, handout, speaker notes, out from one asciidoc source. Showing some things that are possible with asciidoc, not all, that would take far too long. But I think it is a good overview. And I’ll also try to point out some quirks I’ve ran into with the various output formats and the different behavior of some of the rendering back-ends of AsciiDoctor.

I’ll let you know when/where I’ve put the file on-line.

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