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Mi 03 Oktober 2018

Last weekend the Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung e.V. (FIfF, something like Forum Computer Scientists for Peace and Social Responsibility) had its annual conference in Berlin #FIfFKon18.

Brave New World

Gestaltungsfreiheiten und Machtmuster soziotechnischer Systeme

We, from the FSFE supporter group in Berlin, were there with a booth and had many interesting discussions with visitors of the conference. No-mil clause vs. FreeSoftware. FreeSoftware in general and using AGPL per default as a license in particular. Public Money, public code. And a bunch of other topics.

FIfF Cyberpeace and FSFE banner at FIfFKon18

Apart from our booth, the FIfFKon team has curated a selection of talks and workshops for the three days. The recordings (most of them in German, only one of the talks was in English IIRC) of the talks can be found at media.ccc.de, all fit in the 1 hour slot including the discussion. My personal highlights are the following talks:

  • Digitale Entmündigung by Rainer Mühlhoff about the infantilisation of users due the design of applications and webpages over the last 20 years. Even if you are not a developer of software, I think this gives a nice dive into the anti-patterns some apps are using to guide you into the right direction. By defining the right direction for you.
  • Völkerverständigung ist Volksmacht plus Vernetzung der ganzen Welt by Volker Grassmuck about the promises of communication and what they resulted in today’s society; and
  • Virtueller Einbruch: Update des Staatstrojaners by Constanze Kurz with an update on state driven cyber_attacks in Germany. An update about the _Staatstrojaner situation in Germany 10 years after the affair started.

Great talks, great discussions amd good catering. Thanks everyone who was involved organising the event!

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