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Sa 06 Oktober 2018

Time again to change the distribution used on my notebook. Not that I’m unhappy with PureOS, I just felt that urge to switch again.

PureOS is a Debien derivative, based on Sid, which means you don’t get the old but stable software from Debian stable but rather fresh packages. Even though I had no problems at all with unstable programs of frequent crashes this branch of Debian is labeled unstable for a reason. But all the software I used in my daily work was stable, no complains there.

The reason why I chosed PureOS was, that I wanted to try one of the Free as in Freedom endorsed GNU/Linux sytems endorsed by the FSF. These systems promise to only use FreeSoftware. No binary blobs. No proprietary programs or drivers. Pure freedom. To my shame the first thing I had to do was make it unfree again by installing the non-free driver for my wireless card that is installed in the Thinkpad. I had known that before, so I downloaded the DEB package in advance from the Debian servers. But with the exception of that driver I had a fully functional freedom loving OS. And when buying the next notebook, I’ll probably take more care when selecting a model ;-)

PureOS with Cinnanon WM

The other problem I noticed rather quickly was a unfortunate change in Gnome3, which is the default desktop manager of PureOS. While Gnome worked well and as expected, I discovered that they had removed the system-tray; the area for the icons of minimized applications. For almost all applications that seems to work, having them always on the screen and just switch to another virtual desktop. but for the Nitrokey-App. So I ditched Gnome3 as window manager and switched to Cinnanon.

But apart from those two quirks—PureOS is a really nice environment to work in.

I’m moving on the another freedom on a Debian derivate. The freedom from systemd with Devuan.

Happy hacking and enjoy your distro!

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