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Mi 26 Dezember 2018

And with the words

“I wonder,” Hector replied, his voice low and sad. “I wonder if we should have them. God gave man the Earth. He never promised him the stars. I wonder if He’ll follow us out there.”

Anna squeezed his hand again, and then let it go. “The God I believe in is bigger than all of this. Nothing we ever learn can be an attack on Him as long as that’s true.”

Cortez gave a noncommittal grunt.

“I want her to have them,” she said, pointing at the spray of light around her. “My little Nami, I want her to have all of that someday.”

“Whatever she finds out there,” Cortez said, “just remember it’s the future you chose for her.”

His words were full of hope and threat.

Like the stars.

I closed the last book for 2018. Not quiet as much as I hoped to read, after reading about the read a book per month chalange at the end of last year. I had adopted the chalange a bit for me, to something like 3600 pages per year. But I failed that mark. Only finished 2117 pages during the last 12 month. Taking 5 books from my to-read list of books, putting at least 2 new onto it.

For the record, my reading list of 2018 consisted of

Happy reading 2019!

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