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Fr 28 Dezember 2018

As written in October, after the Software Freedom Day, I installed Devuan GNU/Linux on my notebook for distribution testing. Devuan is a Debian based distribution with one big difference. It has removed systemd.

Devuan GNU/Linux Logo

Apart from that difference it feels a lot like the parent distribution. If you know your Debian, you will be at home using Devuan. By default xfce4 desktop environment, Firefox ESR for browsing and LibreOffice for the office stuff. All well known friends, and the other pack of my daily used software bundle was easily installed.

Devuan with XFCE4 screenshot

Debian is my default distribution for a long time now. Roundabout 15 years or so, IIRC I switched to Debian when Woody was stable. So I felt right at $HOME—though it felt somehow better. That feeling stayed. And stayed. And for some reason I worked more on the notebook then on my desktop computer, which is unusual for me as I normally only use the notebook when I’m on the road or giving talks.

So in the end, that is somewhen over the holidays, I decided to switch over from Stretch to ASCII on the desktop computer as well. Which worked out nicely.

I switched from xfce4 to i3 though, which I was using on Debian as well for some time now. So almost all steyed the same—just the suspend command needed to be adopted in the i3 config file.

Happy Hacking!

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