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Fr 15 Februar 2019

It is Valentines day again, and thus we celebrate the I love Free Software day. Giving back some love to the developers, translators, documentators and all the other wonderful people working on Free Software, mostly in their spare time. This time even having a meetup of the local FSFE supporter group at #IloveFS day. That we used in a round of spontaneous lightning talks of 5 minutes to present our most loved FLOSS project of the last year.

TBH mine was not that spontaneous. I sat down last Sunday, opened a blank scrapbook and started brainstorming. Added some nice tools I’ve enjoyed over the last year or that made my computer live more easy then it was before. Things like

  • my password manager KeePass in combination with my Nitro Key,
  • asciidoctor and the extensions to create PDF and ePUB files or revealJS presentations, or

and then it struck me. That scrapbook I was just editing was the 3rd TiddlyWiki I had open at that time in my browser.

I did a quick search and thought oh, that many. When I realised that TiddlyWiki somehow sneaked itself in an wonderful unobtrusive style into my workflow.

So, what is a TiddlyWiki you might ask? It is a wiki that is bundled up in one single HTML file. Obviously it is mostly written in JavaScript to provide the functionality you would expect from a wiki. Editing and creating new pages or in this case Tiddlers, that contains some sort of content. Rich text formatting, linking between the nodes. You can even import images (JPEG or PNG) into the wiki file. And if you don’t like the base functionality you can expand it by using addons (basically importing their JavaScript code into your HTML file).

The clue? It is a single HTML file, that you can use in any browser that supports JavaScript. You can put it online to share it with others. Or you just keep it lying on your desktop and let it server you as your personal scrap book, personal desktop wiki, what-ever you want to call it.

I have plenty of them. Planing role playing characters, including relevant passages from the rules into the file in sub-tiddlers for quick access, even when offline. Project, traveling, etc. plannings. Problem documentation. And so on, and so on.

For example, here is the TiddlyWiki scrapbook for the I love FLOSS meetup.

Happy Hacking and thanks for all the great FLOSS projects out there!

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