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Di 31 Dezember 2019

And in a giant vortex of space and time the year flew by, leaving me far to few opportunities to sit down with a nice book and read something. Nevertheless, lets compile the list for 2019…

After many years of you really should read this I finally actually read Neuromancer by William Gibson. Which was astonishing hard to read for me, considering that I’m playing Shadowrun since the early 90s of the last century. And the reason why I did not continue reading the rest of the Sprawl trilogy but put them aside. Maybe later…

I had similar problems getting through with Edward Snowdens Permanent Record. If I’m right that was actually my first autobiography to read, so maybe it is the format I don’t like? Nevertheless, it was a good read. We’ll see, after the next autobiography.

However I really enjoyed reading Mogworld and Jam by Yahtzee Croshaw. Both for different reasons, but both were really fun to read.

So that leaves me with 1359 pages for the year 2019. Miles away from the 2018 count; hopefully tally will look better next year.

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