diekershoff.nethttp://diekershoff.net//pub/diekershoff/tobiasThu, 07 Jun 2018 07:06:00 +0200Python and gettexthttp://diekershoff.net/2018/06/python_and_gettext/<p>Since at least <a href="https://www.infoworld.com/article/2929732/open-source-software/sourceforge-commits-reputational-suicide.html">SourceForge</a> committed suicide it is obvious that companies hosting your code may be part of the problem. Having central spots for code and/or FLOSS projects is nice, but not really necessary. As long as the project has a homepage that links to a copy of the …</p>Tobias DiekershoffThu, 07 Jun 2018 07:06:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2018-06-07:/2018/06/python_and_gettext/pythongettexttranslationstransifexfriendicagiteagithubLeather for quick and dirty plotshttp://diekershoff.net/2018/06/leather_for_quick_and_dirty_plots/<p>The other day, when I installed <a href="https://jupyter.org/">jupyter notebook</a> on the fresh installed PureOS, I stumbled over <a href="http://leather.readthedocs.io/en/0.3.3/index.html">Leather</a>. Leather is</p> <blockquote> <p>the Python charting library for those who need charts now and don’t care if they’re perfect.</p> </blockquote> <p>as they say in the introduction of the documentation. That sounds nice, and …</p>Tobias DiekershoffSun, 03 Jun 2018 07:42:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2018-06-03:/2018/06/leather_for_quick_and_dirty_plots/pythonleatherplotdataanalysisfriendicafederationMaker Faire Berlin 2018http://diekershoff.net/2018/05/maker_faire_berlin_2018/<p>This weekend, from Friday on, was Maker Faire in Berlin. <a href="https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wuhlheide#FEZ">FEZ</a> to be precise. The ground of the old <em>Pionierrepublik</em>. No <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_Th%C3%A4lmann_Pioneer_Organisation">pioneers</a> there anymore, instead robots, droids and maker creating fascinating hardware projects.</p> <p><img alt="Maker Faire Maker ticket with FSFE logo" src="http://diekershoff.net/images/mfb2018.jpg"></p> <p>I had only time on Sunday. But even with the short, heavy rain break, it was a …</p>Tobias DiekershoffMon, 28 May 2018 11:28:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2018-05-28:/2018/05/maker_faire_berlin_2018/fsfeberlinmakerfaireRemoved some old contenthttp://diekershoff.net/2018/05/removed_some_old_content/<p>I have removed some old and outdated stuff. E.g. my old collection of Shadowrun related materials from the mid 90s. I thought a long time about re-doing the data-haven, or merge ít again with the rest of this homepage, but in the end decided against it. The material was …</p>Tobias DiekershoffFri, 25 May 2018 11:34:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2018-05-25:/2018/05/removed_some_old_content/springcleaningAligning images in Pelicanhttp://diekershoff.net/2018/05/aligning_images_in_pelican/<p>I've tried some ways over the last days to align images in articles using pelican. It seems to be one of the things the <em>easy</em> markup languages left out of the syntax. At least to my knowledge.</p> <p>AsciiDoc has the simple alignment of an image. That is putting it left …</p>Tobias DiekershoffTue, 22 May 2018 18:03:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2018-05-22:/2018/05/aligning_images_in_pelican/pelicanmarkdownimageshtmlOpenTechSummit 2018http://diekershoff.net/2018/05/opentechsummit_2018/<blockquote> <p>Yes... second backyard, take the left stairways.</p> </blockquote> <p><img alt="on my way to the 2nd backyard, left stairways" src="http://diekershoff.net/images/ots2018.jpg"></p> <p>To be honest, I was a bit early yesterday morning for the <a href="https://opentechsummit.net/">OpenTechSummit</a> and later they put out signs for people to find the venue. But we wanted to set up the booth for the FSFE, so we got there a bit before …</p>Tobias DiekershoffFri, 11 May 2018 18:48:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2018-05-11:/2018/05/opentechsummit_2018/fsfeotsberlinA first Seasonhttp://diekershoff.net/2018/02/a_first_season/<p>After the <a href="http://diekershoff.net/2017/11/the_five_years_mission/">sudden half season break</a> now the <em>sudden</em> end of the 1st season two weeks ago. I mean 15 episodes is not a complete season for me. And yes, I know that TOS had the same amount of episodes per season. But I'm a child of TNG, DS9 and …</p>Tobias DiekershoffMon, 26 Feb 2018 14:31:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2018-02-26:/2018/02/a_first_season/startrekdiscuveryFork Awesomehttp://diekershoff.net/2018/02/fork_awesome/<p>I just switched from Fort Awesome to <a href="https://forkawesome.github.io/Fork-Awesome/">Fork Awesome</a> on this blog. Fork Awesome is a drop-in replacement for Font Awesome, that includes some long missed icons like <i class="fa fa-friendica" aria-hidden="true"></i>, <i class="fa fa-hubzilla" aria-hidden="true"></i> and <i class="fa fa-diaspora" aria-hidden="true"></i>.</p>Tobias DiekershoffMon, 26 Feb 2018 14:17:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2018-02-26:/2018/02/fork_awesome/fontawesomethemeI love Free Softwarehttp://diekershoff.net/2018/02/i_love_free_software/<div style="text-align: left; float: right;"><img alt="Public Monex Public Code sticker" src="http://diekershoff.net/images/pmpc-sticker-thumb.png"></div> <p>The 2018 edition of the <a href="http://fsfe.org/campaigns/ilovefs/">I love Free Software</a> day. And yes I still love Free Software. Maybe even more so after last year had some "<em>funny</em>" revelations like the <a href="https://ccc.de/en/updates/2017/pc-wahl">PC Wahl fiasco</a> in Germany. Just one reason more to support the <a href="https://fsfe.org">FSFE</a> campaign <a href="https://publiccode.eu">Public Money? Puclic Code!</a> to get …</p>Tobias DiekershoffWed, 14 Feb 2018 10:15:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2018-02-14:/2018/02/i_love_free_software/flossilovefscccfsfefishoolitepmpcMy .git/hooks for Friendica developmenthttp://diekershoff.net/2018/02/my_.git_hooks_for_friendica_development/<p>Just wanted to write down the <a href="https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Customizing-Git-Git-Hooks">git hooks</a> I'm using for <a href="https://friendi.ca">Friendica</a> development. Both scripts do belong into the <code>.git/hooks</code> directory of the Friendica repository you are using. Additionally they need to be executable.</p> <h2>pre-commit</h2> <p>To avoid PHP syntax errors I let git execute checks on all changed PHP …</p>Tobias DiekershoffThu, 01 Feb 2018 11:08:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2018-02-01:/2018/02/my_.git_hooks_for_friendica_development/friendicagitcomposerIntermezzo with QubesOShttp://diekershoff.net/2018/01/intermezzo_with_qubesos/<p>Shortly after last years <a href="https://2017.fiffkon.de/">FIfFkon</a> I installed <a href="https://www.qubes-os.org/">QubesOS R3.2</a> on my notebook. I was a bit sceptical at first, as my notebook is not SOTA, never was. It only has 4GB of RAM and no SSDs, which is something like the <em>minimum</em> the projects states on the list of …</p>Tobias DiekershoffMon, 15 Jan 2018 09:03:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2018-01-15:/2018/01/intermezzo_with_qubesos/linuxqubesosdebianfedora34c3:tuwat!http://diekershoff.net/2018/01/34c3_tuwat!/<p>Already mid-January. Time flies after the congress as it did at the congress. But I think I finally arrived back in CET from the alternate timeline of the congress. The 34th Chaos Communications Congress (34c3 for short) this year at a new location at Messe Leipzig. That means almost 10 …</p>Tobias DiekershoffWed, 10 Jan 2018 10:51:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2018-01-10:/2018/01/34c3_tuwat!/34c3cccfsfecongresstalksfriendicadiasporafederationIn the End, it was almost easyhttp://diekershoff.net/2017/12/in_the_end_it_was_almost_easy/<p>Though the way towards building my first package for the <a href="https://debian.org">Debian</a> package manager was hard. And I don't even know anymore for sure why. Because in the end, once knowing the progress, building the package was almost easy. Said after N failed attempts to do so.</p> <p>As hinted <a href="https://friendi.ca/2017/11/28/hackathon-berlin-2017/">at a …</a></p>Tobias DiekershoffSun, 10 Dec 2017 10:23:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2017-12-10:/2017/12/in_the_end_it_was_almost_easy/debianaptpackageThe Five Years Missionhttp://diekershoff.net/2017/11/the_five_years_mission/<p>Monday. I just wanted to fire up the browser to watch the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery. And then I remembered that there is no new episode today because of the silly mid-season break. I think this is the first time I'm <em>suffering</em> due these. Though, to be honest …</p>Tobias DiekershoffMon, 20 Nov 2017 18:40:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2017-11-20:/2017/11/the_five_years_mission/startrekdiscoverycontinuesPirateBox and FreedomBoxhttp://diekershoff.net/2017/11/piratebox_and_freedombox/<p>Last Thursday at the local <a href="https://wiki.fsfe.org/LocalGroups/Berlin?highlight=(\bCategory%2FInactive\b)">FSFE group meeting</a> in Berlin, we had a small introductory talk about the <a href="https://piratebox.cc/">PirateBox</a> and the <a href="http://freedombox.org">FreedomBox</a> projects. Both projects are about <em>self-hosting</em>, running on cheap hardware (like the RaspberryPi), but both have very different scopes.</p> <h2>PirateBox</h2> <p>The PirateBox is an <a href="https://www.archlinux.org/">Arch/Linux</a> based project …</p>Tobias DiekershoffSat, 11 Nov 2017 18:53:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2017-11-11:/2017/11/piratebox_and_freedombox/fsfeselfhostingfreedomboxpirateboxdebianarchlinuxDebian Stretchhttp://diekershoff.net/2017/08/stretch/<p>I'm finally done updating my and my families computers to <a href="https://debian.org">Debian</a> 9 (Stretch). Finally as I also count the <a href="https://www.raspberrypi.org/">Raspberry Pis</a> that are used e.g. as printer server at home and Raspbian needed a bit longer for the release.</p> <p><img alt="Stretch from Toy Story" src="http://diekershoff.net/images/stretch.jpg"></p> <p>All the preparation before the upgrade, where useless. At least …</p>Tobias DiekershoffTue, 29 Aug 2017 11:30:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2017-08-29:/2017/08/stretch/debianjessiestretchraspberrypiraspbianThe Expansehttp://diekershoff.net/2017/07/the_expanse/<p>Last week we finally finished watching <em>The Expanse</em> (<a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3230854/">IMDB</a>). It took us a while, as we were watching it on a bi-weekly basis and one episode at a time.</p> <p>I liked the show for various reasons. One is, it is nicely done hard science fiction in a realistic setting. It …</p>Tobias DiekershoffSun, 23 Jul 2017 07:54:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2017-07-23:/2017/07/the_expanse/expansetvseriesrpgMaker Fair Berlin 2017http://diekershoff.net/2017/06/maker_fair_berlin_2017/<p>We had a special visitor at the <a href="https://fsfe.org">FSFE</a> booth at the Maker Fair in Berlin.</p> <p><img alt="R2 loves Free Software" src="http://diekershoff.net/images/r2atmakerfair.jpg"></p> <p>It was my 1st Maker Fair, as I'm more the Free Software person, not the tinker person, but it was a really cool weekend! Lots of cool projects to have a look at. And many …</p>Tobias DiekershoffSun, 11 Jun 2017 19:29:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2017-06-11:/2017/06/maker_fair_berlin_2017/fsfeberlinCardDAV and CalDAV setup for SailfishOShttp://diekershoff.net/2016/06/carddav_and_caldav_setup_for_sailfishos/<p>I recently switched my LAN server to be hosted on a RasPi 2B, over the move I obviously needed to change the CalDAV / CardDAV settings on my Jolla. But instead of just changing the settings in <a href="https://openrepos.net/content/ovekaaven/syncevolution">SyncEcolution</a>, the sync client I used so far, I went to checkout the current …</p>Tobias DiekershoffMon, 27 Jun 2016 17:13:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2016-06-27:/2016/06/carddav_and_caldav_setup_for_sailfishos/jollacaldavcarddavradicalesailfishosOpenBSD on the eeePChttp://diekershoff.net/2016/05/openbsd_on_the_eeepc/<p>Last week in preperation for the <a href="http://www.linux-works.de/Wiki/LinuxPresentationDay/April2016/">Linux Presentation Day</a> at LinuxWorks! LUG I started my good old eeePC (some 5 years old, but don't nail me down to an exact age) after <em>some</em> time. Doing so, I discovered that the Antergos Linux installed did not boot :-/ My guess is I …</p>Tobias DiekershoffMon, 02 May 2016 06:46:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2016-05-02:/2016/05/openbsd_on_the_eeepc/eeepcopenbsdlinuxFriendica Meetup in Zwenkauhttp://diekershoff.net/2015/08/friendica_meetup_in_zwenkau/<p>Over the last weekend <a href="http://friendica.com">~friendica</a> had a <em>user and developer meeting</em> in <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwenkau">Zwenkau</a> in the vicinity of Leipzig. Traveling with Deutsche Bahn, I expected me beeing the one telling the horror stories of the travel at the come-together at the roof-top of Kap Zwenkau, but no. Others had much more …</p>Tobias DiekershoffMon, 24 Aug 2015 19:19:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2015-08-24:/2015/08/friendica_meetup_in_zwenkau/2015friendicazwenkauFantasy Filmfest 2015http://diekershoff.net/2015/08/fantasyfilmfest_2015/<p>Summer in the city. The asphalt boils with 40°C and above, the cinema offers a cooled down place and the <a href="http://fantasyfilmfest.com">Fantasy Filmfest</a> nice content to do so. Eventhough I condensed the festival down to a weekend for myself with 4 screenings and turned it thus into a short film …</p>Tobias DiekershoffMon, 10 Aug 2015 08:25:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2015-08-10:/2015/08/fantasyfilmfest_2015/fff2015berlincinemafantasyanimationshortfilmCold Coffeehttp://diekershoff.net/2015/06/cold_coffee/<p>This is going to be <em>just another recipe for <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_brew">cold-brew coffee</a></em> (just fire up your <a href="https://duckduckgo.com/?q=cold+brew+coffee&amp;ia=about">fav search engine</a> there is a billion and one recipe out there). It took me almost 2 years of experimentation to get the recipe right <em>for me</em> so don't give up after the 1st brew …</p>Tobias DiekershoffSat, 06 Jun 2015 17:37:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2015-06-06:/2015/06/cold_coffee/coffeecoldbrewsummerrecipeMoinMoin Jollahttp://diekershoff.net/2015/05/moinmoin_jolla/<p><img src="http://diekershoff.net/images/jolla_moinmoin.png" style="padding: 10px; float: right;"> I was looking for a note taking application for the Jolla the other day, but did not really find anything fitting my needs. Like formatting the texts, include images in the notes, interlinking notes... you know what I mean.</p> <p>Finally the realization dawned <em>that thing is a Linux computer, just …</em></p>Tobias DiekershoffMon, 11 May 2015 09:20:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2015-05-11:/2015/05/moinmoin_jolla/jollamoinmoinwikinotesflossGood bye OwnCloudhttp://diekershoff.net/2015/05/good_bye_owncloud/<p>It's time for me to say good bye to something I really like, from the idea behind and the features it offers down the the interface (more or less): <a href="http://owncloud.org">OwnCloud</a>. But it just makes more hazzle then I get back from it.</p> <p>I had massive problems with the updating process …</p>Tobias DiekershoffSun, 10 May 2015 09:08:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2015-05-10:/2015/05/good_bye_owncloud/owncloudradicalekhalkhardpythonredmatrixflossFriendica 3.3.3http://diekershoff.net/2015/02/friendica_3.3.3/<p>The Friendica project has released version 3.3.3 of Friendica <a href="http://friendica.com/node/67">today</a>. Among other things this release included support for the <a href="http://sharetodiaspora.github.io/about/">advanced sharer for diaspora*</a> which I have now enabled here for the blog entries, so you can share entries in Friendica and diaspora* now more easily[ref]and I …</p>Tobias DiekershoffTue, 24 Feb 2015 10:45:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2015-02-24:/2015/02/friendica_3.3.3/friendicaUpgrading from Wheezy to Jessiehttp://diekershoff.net/2015/02/upgrading_from_wheezy_to_jessie/<p>I ran out of disk space on one of my Linux boxes recently and, just for playing around and doing it, I decided to put in the new disk space as <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Btrfs">btrfs</a> RAID1. Too minimize the problems on the real thing I started on a VirtualBox fresh installed <a href="http://debian.org">Debian</a> Wheezy …</p>Tobias DiekershoffMon, 23 Feb 2015 08:30:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2015-02-23:/2015/02/upgrading_from_wheezy_to_jessie/linuxdebianwheezyjessieI ❤ FLOSShttp://diekershoff.net/2015/02/i_love_floss/<p><a href="http://ilovefs.org"><img src="http://diekershoff.net/images/ilovefs-button-small-en.png" style="border: 0 !important; float: right; padding:10px; width: 160px;" alt="I love Free Software!"></a> I wish you all a happy <a href="http://ilovefs.org/">I ❤ Free Software</a> day; thanks for all the hard work for anybody who is contributing to the FLOSS micro-cosmos, making it a better place. Thank you for writing code, doing translations, reporting and fixing bugs and have some helping advise for new users.</p> <p>In …</p>Tobias DiekershoffSat, 14 Feb 2015 09:29:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2015-02-14:/2015/02/i_love_floss/FLOSSfriendicasylpeedgnupgjollailovefsNew Color Presets for friendicas Clean themehttp://diekershoff.net/2015/01/lime_and_orange_clean/<p>I've added two new color presets to the <a href="https://bytebucket.org/tobiasd/clean/">clean theme</a> for <a href="http://friendica.com">friendica</a>. The new <em>Lime and Orange</em> and <em>Shades of Pink</em> are now selectable in the theme settings alongside <em>Midnight</em>, <em>Bootstrap</em>, <em>GeoCities Retro</em> and the default preset.</p>Tobias DiekershoffThu, 15 Jan 2015 09:25:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2015-01-15:/2015/01/lime_and_orange_clean/friendicacleanAftershows and Kickoffhttp://diekershoff.net/2015/01/kickoff_2015/<p>Yesterday was the first bi-weekly fellowship meeting of <a href="http://fsfe.org">FSFE</a> in Berlin in 2015, Tuesday the <a href="https://digitalegesellschaft.de/2015/01/massenabmahnungen-klage/">32nd Netpolitical Evening</a> of the <a href="https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digitale_Gesellschaft">Digitale Gesellschaft</a>. Both somewhat after-show party for 31c3 and kickoff 2015, both with interesting talks. Just a short resume...</p> <p>The talks from Tuesday are <a href="https://digitalegesellschaft.de/2015/01/videos-vom-32-netzpolitischen-abend/">online</a>. I think the 2nd is …</p>Tobias DiekershoffFri, 09 Jan 2015 15:00:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2015-01-09:/2015/01/kickoff_2015/fsfefiffdigigestalkscyberpeaceMarkdown addon for Friendicahttp://diekershoff.net/2015/01/markdown-addon-for-friendica/<p>For some reason, some people dislike BBCode, which is i<a href="https://snarl.de/help/BBCode">natively used</a> by <a href="http://friendica.com">friendica</a>, but prefere <a href="http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/">Markdown</a> which is a more limited markdown language that is use by e.g. Diaspora or github[ref]or in fact me right now writing this posting...[/ref].</p> <p>For all morkdown enthusiast out there …</p>Tobias DiekershoffSun, 04 Jan 2015 20:12:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2015-01-04:/2015/01/markdown-addon-for-friendica/friendicadiasporamarkdownbbcodeTypgogrify and IndiWebhttp://diekershoff.net/2014/12/typgogrify-and-indiweb/<p>Skimming through the plugins for pelican[ref]http://<a href="http://getpelican.com">getpelican.com</a>[/ref] I've decided for the following list of things that sound useful from their <a href="https://github.com/getpelican/pelican-plugins">addon directory</a> at github:</p> <ul> <li>optimize_images</li> <li>pelican_youtube and pelican_vimeo</li> <li>simple_footnotes</li> <li>sitemap</li> <li>render_math.</li> </ul> <p>Which summs up all the tools I can currently think of that I need to …</p>Tobias DiekershoffThu, 25 Dec 2014 14:27:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2014-12-25:/2014/12/typgogrify-and-indiweb/diekershoff.netpelicanwebtoolsreclaim the webindiwebFriendica 3.3.2http://diekershoff.net/2014/12/friendica_332/<p>The <a href="http://friendica.com">friendica</a> project has a little, mostly bug fixing, gift for the holidays--version <a href="http://friendica.com/node/66">3.3.2</a> of the social network server. <strong>Happy Holidays everyone</strong> hope to see you within the federation 2015!</p>Tobias DiekershoffWed, 24 Dec 2014 14:30:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2014-12-24:/2014/12/friendica_332/friendicasoftwarefederationPelican Themehttp://diekershoff.net/2014/12/1st_steps_on_the_pelican_theme/<p>After gathering some more ideas about <em>how the page should look</em> and me settling agin for something unfancy but hopefully functional. It will emplay <a href="http://getbootstrap.com">bootstrap</a>, just to get this page into the mobile friendly age. The overall layout inspired by a theme by <a href="http://www.bootstrapzero.com/bootstrap-template/affix-sidebar">Bootply</a> combined with the <a href="http://bootswatch.com/sandstone/#">Sandstone</a> color schema …</p>Tobias DiekershoffMon, 22 Dec 2014 19:35:00 +0100tag:diekershoff.net,2014-12-22:/2014/12/1st_steps_on_the_pelican_theme/pelicanrelaunchdiekershoff.netSomething new, this time for realhttp://diekershoff.net/2014/10/relaunch%20using%20pelican/<p>I have a <em>new design</em> for diekershoff.net on my harddisk from each year since '10 or so. Mostly it's just playing around with HTML and <em>cool ideas</em> that loose their coolness after some days... But this time for real, I will relaunch the page for real--using <a href="[http://getpelican.com">pelican</a> for "content …</p>Tobias DiekershoffSat, 11 Oct 2014 15:26:00 +0200tag:diekershoff.net,2014-10-11:/2014/10/relaunch using pelican/pelicandiekershoff.netrelaunch