Hallo and welcome to this little spot of the interwebs, which is at the moment in some state of mess as I decided to relaunch the spot, but had not the time to move it all. Though the question is if I want to do it anyhow or strip off some pieces. In the mean time you can find the download section, and the stuff around my studies in the old spots. They will be converted later. New blog entries will appear below, as I will discontinue the blog on the server at $HOME but use pelican here.

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A first Season

After the sudden half season break now the sudden end of the 1st season two weeks ago. I mean 15 episodes is not a complete season for me. And yes, I know that TOS had the same amount of episodes per season. But I'm a child of TNG, DS9 and …


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Fork Awesome

I just switched from Fort Awesome to Fork Awesome on this blog. Fork Awesome is a drop-in replacement for Font Awesome, that includes some long missed icons like , and .


I love Free Software

Public Monex Public Code sticker

The 2018 edition of the I love Free Software day. And yes I still love Free Software. Maybe even more so after last year had some "funny" revelations like the PC Wahl fiasco in Germany. Just one reason more to support the FSFE campaign Public Money? Puclic Code! to get …


My .git/hooks for Friendica development

Just wanted to write down the git hooks I'm using for Friendica development. Both scripts do belong into the .git/hooks directory of the Friendica repository you are using. Additionally they need to be executable.


To avoid PHP syntax errors I let git execute checks on all changed PHP …



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