Hallo and welcome to this little spot of the interwebs, which is at the moment in some state of mess as I decided to relaunch the spot, but had not the time to move it all. Though the question is if I want to do it anyhow or strip off some pieces. In the mean time you can find the download section, and the stuff around my studies in the old spots. They will be converted later. New blog entries will appear below, as I will discontinue the blog on the server at $HOME but use pelican here.

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OpenBSD on the eeePC

Last week in preperation for the Linux Presentation Dat at LinuxWorks! LUG I started my good old eeePC (some 5 years old, but don't nail me down to an exact age) after some time. Doing so, I discovered that the Antergos Linux installed did not boot :-/ My guess is ...


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Friendica Meetup in Zwenkau

Over the last weekend ~friendica had a user and developer meeting in Zwenkau in the vicinity of Leipzig. Traveling with Deutsche Bahn, I expected me beeing the one telling the horror stories of the travel at the come-together at the roof-top of Kap Zwenkau, but no. Others had much more ...


Fantasy Filmfest 2015

Summer in the city. The asphalt boils with 40°C and above, the cinema offers a cooled down place and the Fantasy Filmfest nice content to do so. Eventhough I condensed the festival down to a weekend for myself with 4 screenings and turned it thus into a short film ...


Cold Coffee

This is going to be just another recipe for cold-brew coffee (just fire up your fav search engine there is a billion and one recipe out there). It took me almost 2 years of experimentation to get the recipe right for me so don't give up after the 1st ...



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