Hallo and welcome to this little spot of the interwebs, which is at the moment in some state of mess as I decided to relaunch the spot, but had not the time to move it all. Though the question is if I want to do it anyhow or strip off some pieces. In the mean time you can find the download section, and the stuff around my studies in the old spots. They will be converted later. New blog entries will appear below, as I will discontinue the blog on the server at $HOME but use pelican here.

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Python and gettext

Since at least SourceForge committed suicide it is obvious that companies hosting your code may be part of the problem. Having central spots for code and/or FLOSS projects is nice, but not really necessary. As long as the project has a homepage that links to a copy of the …


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Leather for quick and dirty plots

The other day, when I installed jupyter notebook on the fresh installed PureOS, I stumbled over Leather. Leather is

the Python charting library for those who need charts now and don’t care if they’re perfect.

as they say in the introduction of the documentation. That sounds nice, and …


Maker Faire Berlin 2018

This weekend, from Friday on, was Maker Faire in Berlin. FEZ to be precise. The ground of the old Pionierrepublik. No pioneers there anymore, instead robots, droids and maker creating fascinating hardware projects.

Maker Faire Maker ticket with FSFE logo

I had only time on Sunday. But even with the short, heavy rain break, it was a …


Removed some old content

I have removed some old and outdated stuff. E.g. my old collection of Shadowrun related materials from the mid 90s. I thought a long time about re-doing the data-haven, or merge ít again with the rest of this homepage, but in the end decided against it. The material was …



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