Hallo and welcome to this little spot of the interwebs, which is at the moment in some state of mess as I decided to relaunch the spot, but had not the time to move it all. Though the question is if I want to do it anyhow or strip off some pieces. In the mean time you can find the download section, and the stuff around my studies in the old spots. They will be converted later. New blog entries will appear below, as I will discontinue the blog on the server at $HOME but use pelican here.

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PirateBox and FreedomBox

Last Thursday at the local FSFE group meeting in Berlin, we had a small introductory talk about the PirateBox and the FreedomBox projects. Both projects are about self-hosting, running on cheap hardware (like the RaspberryPi), but both have very different scopes.


The PirateBox is an Arch/Linux based project …


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Debian Stretch

I'm finally done updating my and my families computers to Debian 9 (Stretch). Finally as I also count the Raspberry Pis that are used e.g. as printer server at home and Raspbian needed a bit longer for the release.

Stretch from Toy Story

All the preparation before the upgrade, where useless. At least …


The Expanse

Last week we finally finished watching The Expanse (IMDB). It took us a while, as we were watching it on a bi-weekly basis and one episode at a time.

I liked the show for various reasons. One is, it is nicely done hard science fiction in a realistic setting. It …


Maker Fair Berlin 2017

We had a special visitor at the FSFE booth at the Maker Fair in Berlin.

R2 loves Free Software

It was my 1st Maker Fair, as I'm more the Free Software person, not the tinker person, but it was a really cool weekend! Lots of cool projects to have a look at. And many …



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