Hallo and welcome to this little spot of the interwebs, which is at the moment in some state of mess as I decided to relaunch the spot, but had not the time to move it all. Though the question is if I want to do it anyhow or strip off some pieces. In the mean time you can find the download section, and the stuff around my studies in the old spots. They will be converted later. New blog entries will appear below, as I will discontinue the blog on the server at $HOME but use pelican here.

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I love Free Software 2019

It is Valentines day again, and thus we celebrate the I love Free Software day. Giving back some love to the developers, translators, documentators and all the other wonderful people working on Free Software, mostly in their spare time. This time even having a meetup of the local FSFE supporter …


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AsciiDoctor + reveal.js

Lately I developed a liking for generating slides and handouts for talks I do with AsciiDoctor and reveljs. Probably rooted in my liking of working with AsciiDoctor to produce PDF, ePUB and HTML files from a single source. Here I’d like to present my setup for doing so.

Ingredients …


XMas Jukebox

Just how old-school we are… Our XMas jukebox usually consists of a couple of audio CDs and the radio/CD deck in the living room. Which, in itself, is not really wrong. By no means. But I was tired of changing the CDs once in a while when all the …



As written in October, after the Software Freedom Day, I installed Devuan GNU/Linux on my notebook for distribution testing. Devuan is a Debian based distribution with one big difference. It has removed systemd.

Devuan GNU/Linux Logo

Apart from that difference it feels a lot like the parent distribution. If you know your …



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